Jitka Trnková | Friday, 18 December 2015

“Why do I have to pay more than was agreed in the order?”

If the order for the translation or interpretation services hasn’t changed, i.e. the size of the translation, the delivery date or the scope and date for the interpretation, there is no reason to pay more for the services than was agreed in the original order.

Sometimes, however, it may be that you need to translate other texts, or you need the translation or interpretation sooner than you thought and was confirmed in the order. In this case, the change in price is justified and the translation agency, should accommodate you when negotiating new terms and conditions. If, however, there has been no change to the confirmed order, then a change in price is not allowed. The translation agency should thoroughly go through your order and calculate the price before they send you their offer. If the Agency makes a mistake in calculating the price, this is no reason for an additional increase in the cost of the translation or interpretation. Of course to err is human, and it may well be that some of the contracting parties made a mistake, but this is certainly no reason to change the price or other conditions immediately prior to the deadline for handing over the translation or other services, that is highly unprofessional. In conclusion, it can be said that if the terms and conditions have not changed compared with the original order, don’t pay more than was agreed in the order.


We don’t recognise the term “additional costs”. We invoice clients on the basis of the original order.