Jitka Trnková | Sunday, 6 December 2015

“How else can a translation agency help?”

Ask them! A translation agency can offer you lots of other services, the question is, how good will these services be. If you want to be sure of the quality of these services, don’t hesitate to ask whether the agency has experience with similar services. Try to ask the agency for references, naturally, they speak for themselves.

Apart from the usual interpretation and translation services, a professional translation agency can, for example, mediate language teaching, either courses for individuals, group courses or courses via Skype, copywriting, it can offer you the services of the graphic design studio with which it cooperates and even advertising services for your advertising campaign. It can even offer an Internet survey in Czech or a foreign language, if you so desire. It all depends on the ingenuity and willingness of the agency; if you have the right translation agency, then it can help you find even these additional services, which are not standard.


Don’t ask us what we can do, tell us what you need.