Jitka Trnková | Tuesday 10 November 2015

“I’ve ordered a translation of more than 200 standard pages. How about a discount?”

A discount is certainly always welcome, but we do not recommended asking the translation agency for a discount of more than 30 % of the total translation price so the translation quality doesn’t drop due to the translation being given to a less experienced translator who works at a lower rate.

We see discounts everywhere and unfortunately the sad reality is that we have learnt to make purchases according to adverts containing the expression “discount”. Nowadays a discount is seen as an obligation if you want to sell something. Good news for the customer, not so good for the vendor. We all need to get paid for our work, whether it involves translations or making bread rolls. From our point of view the only legitimate discount is a quantity discount, which is offered to the customer for the cost savings if it concerns an extensive translation. A large translation is a document containing 100 standard pages and more. The border of “large” differs for each translation agency. There is, however, a certain rule of thumb that if you ask for a translation in the range of 200 standard pages, the translation agency should take a discount into account in their price offer. The amount is, of course, an individual matter and depends on a number of factors and the options of the translation agency in question. We consider it adequate to provide a discount up to a maximum of 25 % of the total price for the translation. We offer clients other options and ideas to make savings as concerns translation or interpretation services. We won’t charge you for hidden extras, we try to be as helpful as possible to the customer.


Our translation agency provides discounts up to 25 % of the total price of the translation, that being for documents that are over 30 standard pages.