Jitka Trnková | Wednesday 25 November 2015

“I don’t want to pay for a translation in advance. Is that standard?”

What is standard for one translation agency need not necessarily be so at another. If you order a more extensive translation, count on the fact that the agency will want you to pay an advance on the translation due on the day the order is confirmed. This advance should be in the range 20 – 40 % of the total price for the translation.

There is no reason, however, to pay for translation or interpretation services in advance, even if you are a new client. The payment method for a translation is, however, an individual matter of the translation agency concerned. If you ask for a translation at more agencies, you can easily compare, which one makes you the best offer. You always have an option and if none of the offers from the translation agencies suit you, you can always ask others. Even if you aren’t satisfied with the other agencies, do not hesitate to get involved in internet discussions or ask your friends or colleagues, which translation agency they were satisfied with. Personal experience from someone in your circle is always the best solution and not just when searching for an appropriate agency. With our clients, which also include large corporations, we arrange the manner and date for paying invoices on an individual basis. We understand that large companies have a cycle of approving invoices, which can delay payment for a translation.


We issue the invoice on the day the translation is handed over. For clients who order more than 20,000 source words per month, we always invoice at the end of the month.