Jitka Trnková | Thursday 1 October 2015

“I’m looking for a court interpreter. Who should I turn to?”

If you inquire about an interpreter at an agency, they will always ask whether you need a court interpreter or not. This way you can save up to 60 % of the total price for interpreting.

There are several types of interpretation, as a general rule, however, there are 2 types of interpretation, those being ordinary and court interpretation. You can use the services of an interpreter without certification for trade negotiations with foreign partners. Court interpretation, i.e., interpretation by an interpreter appointed by the court (see point 9.), is necessary when dealing with the authorities. The most frequent example of this kind of interpretation is interpreting when recognising the paternity of a foreign father at the registry office. Interpretation can be carried out in the CR or abroad, which has a direct effect on the rates for the interpretation services. An interpreter interpreting in the CR will invoice you for transport to and from the place of interpretation, meals, or accommodation, if the interpreting takes place over several days. If you need an interpreter for a trip abroad, you should pay for the interpreter’s transport, accommodation, meals and the compulsory work breaks. You can find a list of certified court interpreters at www.justice.cz, where you can choose the interpreter according to the district that best suits you. It is recommended, however, that this service also be ordered through a translation agency, because it will have tried and tested interpreters who always do good-quality work. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the interpretation, the translation Agency’s general terms and conditions will give you precise instructions on how to make a complaint. If you are not sure what kind of interpretation you need, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll explain everything.


We have been working with certified interpreters for several years now and they are all professionals in their own fields.