Any one of us can get into a situation, where we will need the help and support of other people. The saddest stories, however, are when children need help.

The Life for Children Foundation has been helping children throughout the Czech Republic for more than eleven years. Every day it receives requests from doctors, the representatives of children’s homes, care centres for handicapped children and from the parents of children with disabilities in home care asking for help in financing medical instruments or for small-scale equipment that is not normally paid for by health insurance. The Foundation also helps individual applicants. It primarily concerns covering contributions to purchase wheelchairs and rehabilitation products.

The Life for Children Foundation does not provide the applicants with financial means. The association purchases all the instruments, health technology and other equipment and apparatus, asked for by the applicants, directly from the suppliers and then donates it to the entities and individuals. The reason for this decision is to protect the financial resources from abuse, and thus 100 % of the financial resources obtained goes straight to the children.

All of us helping sick, abandoned and handicapped children are convinced that there is still enough honest and cordial love, humility, respect and interest in others in today’s world and in our interpersonal relations; for this reason we believe that kind people, companies and other donors will help the Life for Children Foundation “turn children’s tears into a smile”.

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We want to help too.

By ordering our translation or interpretation services you help us send more funds to the Life for Children Foundation, where they know how best to use them.

Therefore, even you, our clients, deserve a great deal of thanks.

Thank you.

on behalf of the VCELICKA translation agency
Jitka Trnkova